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Corporate and Individual Sponsorship opportunities are available. You will have the opportunity to promote your business or organization to potential customers. Click our sponsorship page to get started.

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Expo & Conference Details
The Minority Business Expo and Conference is a one-day event offering attendees information and resources that are primary to the development of their business. It also provides a central location for minority-owned businesses to showcase their product, services or innovations.

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You can reserve your vendor space today. This event will provide a great opportunity for you to advertise your business to a large audience of people from around the state. Space is limited.

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A Few Pictures from Previous Events

Why Attend?

. Access to Successful Certified MBEs

. Power-Packed Workshops

. Concepts on How to Grow Your Business

. Attend Events to Meet New Contacts

. Learn about Economic and Industry Trends

. Get your team motivated and energized

. Business Coaching from Experts

. One-on-One Appointments with Buyers


.Features Keynote Speaker

.Business Familiarization (FAM) Tour

.Investor Pitch Challenge (Tentative)

.Network with procurement specialists from Fortune 500 companies

. Digital Marketing Workshop

. Focus: Learning to Achieve Your Business Objective


. Welcome Reception

. Buyers’ and Sellers’ Lounge

. Youth Entrepreneur Workshop

. Set Appointments with buyers and procurement officers

. Learn about trends and issues important to minority business development

. Corporate and MBE Exhibitors

Who Attends These Events?

.Business Owners
.Presidents and Chief Executive Officers (CEOs)
.Vice Presidents Chief Financial Officers
Chief Operating Officers (COOs)
.Senior Executives
Procurement Officers
.Government Officials
.Business Consultants
.Sales Executive Officers
Diversity Managers
Educational Institutions
PR Firms Payroll Agencies
.Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Specialists
Contractors Suppliers
Technology Companies
.Distributors Manufacturers
.Food & Service Providers
.Staffing Agencies
Cleaning Companies
CRM Development
Marketing Agencies

Minority-Owned Business Stats


In 2007, 37.6 percent of black-owned firms operated in the health care and social assistance (NAICS 62) and repair, maintenance, personal, and laundry services (NAICS 81) sectors. Black-owned firms accounted for 15.4 percent of all U.S. businesses in the health care and social assistance (NAICS 62) sector as well as 13.4 percent of all firms in the transportation and warehousing (NAICS 48-49) sector. Table 5 [pdf, 555K; csv, 96K] and Chart 1 [pdf, 169K] show the distribution of black-owned firms by sector. Retail trade (NAICS 44-45) and health care and social assistance (NAICS 62) accounted for 27.4 percent of black-owned business revenue.


The SBO collects data from both employer and nonemployer businesses. Employer businesses are firms with paid employees, including workers on the payroll and excluding sole proprietors and partners. Nonemployer businesses are firms without paid employees, including sole proprietors and partners of unincorporated businesses that do not have any other employees on the payroll.

In 2007, there were 106,824 black-owned employer firms, an increase of 13.0 percent from 2002. These firms employed 921,032 person and had a total payroll of $23.9 billion, an increase of 22.2 percent and 36.3 percent respectively from 2002. In 2007, these firms generated $98.9 billion in receipts, an increase of 50.2 percent from 2002. In 2007, employer firms accounted for 5.6 percent of the total number of black-owned firms and 71.9 percent of black-owned firms' gross receipts. Average receipts for these black-owned employer firms in 2007 were $925,427.